Thunderbird Management Consulting Association (TMCA) is one of the oldest professional clubs at Thunderbird that has been assisting aspiring consultants hone their consulting skills and realize their true potential. TMCA provides T-birds a platform to develop their skills, build networks and gain access to consulting career resources.


TMCA is continuing this tradition and offering several training programs through its "Consulting Mondays" to help T-birds develop their technical skills, softskills events, and help prepare for case interviews. 

Case Interview Prep


Case Interviews play a big role while gaining entry into the consulting world.


TMCA offers you resources and platform to prep for case interviews and a chance to test the skills acquired

Case Competition


Your experience in a management institute is incomplete if you haven't participated in a case competition.


TMCA offers you the opportunity to showcase your talent at Thunderbrid's biggest case competition 

Technical Skills


Strong data analytics and presentation skills along with related tools expertise are expected of any consultant.


TMCA offers you training programs on the important tools that would make you stand apart from the crowd.

Soft Skills


Communication with team members and clients play an important role in any consultants everyday life.


TMCA offers training sessions on soft skills to boost your consulting career.